The Crawler Outline Files
Due to requests of several modelers, who want to build the Crawler in different scale and/or with custom materials, the original print files of the kit are available now as PDF documents to customers only.






The support section comes to life. Technical questions about the Crawler kit and helpful hints will be addressed. For the start, find the original booklet of the kit as PDF-file, and a real gem as reward.
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Free Download
A vendor, giving away something for free? That must be fishy.
You’re right.
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Progress with the LUT
Finally I’ve got a little time to implement a place on my site, where to report about the oncoming 1/96 LUT kit, together with a blog from the developer’s workbench.
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Crawler Transporter



Pictures at an Exhibition II
The second gallery has been added. It shows details of the Crawler Transporter’s Chassis during assembly
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GoModelling 2011



GoModelling 2011
the model kit show of IPMS Austria, again takes place at the Museum of Military History in Vienna on March 12th and 13th 2011. I’m happy to announce that the Crawler Transporter model will be displayed there. 


Crawler Transporter Model Gallery



Pictures at an Exhibition
The first gallery of pictures from the Crawler Transporter model has been added, showing the finished prototype. Pictures from various assembly stages will come soon ! Enjoy ;) ->


MicroArtwork Logo



Welcome to my brand new website ! Everything has changed, and a lot is still to come. In the next weeks the Support will be populated, and a report about my visit at KSC will be added as well. Also, my progress on the LUT model will be reported here more often than in the past ;) - enjoy !


The Crawler Transporter Model



Now available !
Hard to believe, but true. I know, some of you were watching the progress already for many years, and kept asking for the Crawler Transporter model kit. Now, here it is. More than 11,000 parts makes it the most comprehensive paper model in the world.
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