Command Module Service Arm - Download

To the right you see pictures from the finished model of the service arm 9 in 1/96 scale. I’ve decided to offer it as free download for two reasons:

First is to give you an idea about the oncoming 1/96 LUT kit. It’s very detailed, however also very demanding concerning your skills. I would like to hear your opinion about the difficulty, if you think it would be sufficient to provide the kit as download, and if you think that additional laser parts should be provided.

Second is the new kind of building instructions I want to implement. SA9 is a complicated part of the LUT. Do you think the provided assembly instruction is sufficient? In my opinion, this will be the future of building instructions, not only for paper models but for all kind of assembly procedures, however maybe the common sense is very different ;).

You can download the files from here (please right-click the link and save the files on your hard drive):

SA9 building instructions
SA9 model kit A4 format
SA9 model kit US Letter format

Note that you will need red paper and transparent foil for the model, the specifications are mentioned in the first page of the kit file. The first page of the kit file also gives a short introduction to the 3D-PDF file.

Enjoy the build -  I’d be happy to read your feedback!

Swing Arm #9 1/96 paper model

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